With the summer months fast approaching, ensuring you’re able to effectively cool your home is paramount to you and your family’s comfort.

Is a water line needed for HVAC?

Yes. HVAC water lines are important as they regulate the amount of water your system uses and are critical for ensuring the flooding doesn’t occur in your mains line. For cooling, HVAC water lines are imperative for temperature control. It is important to note that different piping is required for both heating and cooling, which highlights the importance of engaging a professional to assess your current HVAC system.

Do you run your air conditioning all night and day?

Modern HVAC units are designed to be run 24 hours a day. If your AC is sized appropriately to your home, by setting your thermostat to “auto”, your compressor should be running no more than 70% of the time if left on. Compressors are responsible for about 95% of the HVAC units total power consumption. The downside of running a system continuously is that their routine service schedule will roll around much faster than a unit that is only being run intermittently.

Why is an air conditioner in recovery mode?

In short, AC recovery mode occurs when the thermostat is attempting to bring your system to a defined temperature. This is often an indication that your HVAC system is incapable of cooling your home to your desired temperature.

How often do air conditioners usually break down?

If serviced and maintained in line with manufacturers specifications, an air conditioning system should last 15 to 20 years. Some way to extend your AC’s lifespan include; ensuring proper installation, using auto mode, upgrading your property’s insulation, regular maintenance and replacing air filters periodically.

Can you break an air-conditioner by leaving a window open?

No, leaving a window open will not break an air-conditioner. However, it will waste electricity as the compressor will likely continue to run as the thermostat attempts to cool your home.

What should I do if my air conditioner is running constantly?

A major contributor to a constantly running air-conditioner is a dirty or clogged filter. If this occurs, turn off your AC the remove HVAC filter to inspect. If your AC continues to run constantly you may need to call a professional to assess another potential root cause.

Why is regular air conditioner maintenance necessary?

Regular maintenance extends the life of your HVAC system, helps with energy efficiency and ensures your home remains cool over summer.

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