Are you looking for professional Sewer Cleaning in Cobourg, ON Perhaps you’ve noticed a nasty odor in your bathroom or kitchen, or maybe you have water puddling around your drains outside. These are all sure signs that things aren’t quite right in your sewer drains and can be very worrisome. The good news is that we offer sewer cleaning you can depend on. We’ll find out what is going down in your sewers by sending in our Sewer Camera Inspection Team.

This equipment works as our eyes underground and allows us to get up close and personal with any blockage or clog. Once we’ve identified where the problem exists, we can target it effectively with our drain-cleaning equipment. We’ll focus our efforts deep down in the sewer and won’t stop until we’re sure the blockage has been cleared.

Don’t let a drain blockage or sewer problem or any plumbing problems get you down. Call our dependable and Certified Plumbers to arrange a home visit.