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Geosmart Energy

Geothermal Heating

Throughout the year, almost 50% of the sun’s energy is absorbed into the earth where it maintains a consistent temperature just a few feet below the ground’s surface. Geothermal technology takes advantage of this constant renewable energy source by combining a series of loops installed outside underground with a heat pump system inside that looks very similar to a conventional furnace. This combination of high performance technology allows us to tap into the earth’s natural heating and cooling properties to consistently and evenly distribute warm or cool air in your home or office throughout each season.

Heat & Glo


Founded on a commitment to quality and innovation, Heat & Glo created a product that would revolutionize the fireplace industry. With the introduction of the direct vent gas fireplace, Heat & Glo made it possible to install a fireplace safely in virtually any room in the home. Practically overnight, the hearth industry changed from primarily wood-burning to direct vent fireplaces that were gas-operated.

Heat & Glo offers a complete line of gas, wood, and electric fireplaces, stoves and inserts, unique surrounds and distinctive accessories-all designed to meet discriminating homeowners’ desire for comfort, beauty and elegance.


Wood Burning Stoves

Quadrafire are the inventors of the patented “Quad Burn” system, which burns and re-burns gases and smoke in four different zones of the firebox. The technology produced powerful and efficient rolling flames so intense, it dawned the inception of the Quadra-Fire name and set a new standard for clean, fuel-efficient heating with wood – proving that “Nothing Burns Like A Quad.”

Since then, Quadra-Fire has continued to put powerful performance and easy operation above all else. Efficient and reliable, with a lineup that now includes wood, gas, and pellet stoves, as well as fireplaces and fireplace inserts, Quadra-Fire products are built to last.


Heating and Cooling

Reliability and Performance You Can Trust

With the Amana® brand reliable, long-lasting product performance is our top priority. We achieve that goal through superior craftsmanship and world-class manufacturing processes, which help ensure that Amana brand products are the best we can provide to you. To meet our high standards, our products go through our most rigorous quality assurance scrutiny. Our engineers are constantly improving each Amana brand product by incorporating the very latest in technology, design and efficiency.


Condensing Tankless Water Heaters

Efficient Water Heating Solutions

The Bosch Greentherm models are now equipped with an automated and fully modulating by pass for unsurpassed DHW temperature stability. All Greentherm models feature condensing technology for improved efficiency. By capturing the latent heat of the flue gases the efficiency of the water heater is boosted by approximately 10%.

Operating with an energy factor up to 0.95 the Greentherm models economically provide domestic hot water on demand. Our tankless water heaters are wall-mounted to save space and the technology only uses gas to heat the water when there is a demand. The Greentherm’s innovative features ensure maximum performance to provide virtually endless hot water.


Residential Gas Water Heaters

FVIR Compliant Residential Natural & Propane Gas-Fired Water Heaters

These high performance atmospheric vent and power vent gas water heaters are specially designed to prevent the ignition of flammable vapors such as aerosol sprays, cleaning solvents, gasoline, paints, paint thinner, and thinner lacquer, outside of the water heater.  They are available in 40, 50 and 60 US gallon capacities for both natural and propane.

Light Commercial Gas Water Heaters

Energy Efficient Light Commercial Natural Gas Water Heaters

These atmospheric and power vent gas water heaters are ideally suited for most light duty commercial applications. They are available in natural and propane gas with a 73 US gallon capacities with an input of 76,000 BTUs.

Residential Electric Water Heaters

C191.0 Super Cascade 9 Bottom Entry, Double-Glass Residential Electric Water Heaters

These high performance bottom entry water heaters are designed to give you 10% more hot water than the Standard models and extended tank life.  They are available in 40 and 60 imperial gallon capacities and can be connected to 208V or 240V.  They offer all of the outstanding technical features of the Standard and Cascade models plus many more.


Wall-Mounted Ductless Heat Pump

Daikin's Multi-Split Systems are ideal for multi-room applications desiring individual room comfort in a space-saving design. With the ability to connect two, three, four or 8 indoor units to a single outdoor unit, over 1,000 combinations are possible with the choice of wall mount units, slim duct units, ceiling cassette units or a combination. Systems offer energy efficiency levels up to 18.9 SEER and 12.5 HSPF for enhanced home comfort and energy savings. Suitable for both new build and renovation projects, Daikin Multi-Split Systems are the smart, reliable solution for your home.

Vermont Castings

For over 35 years, Vermont Castings has been committed to providing beautiful products with iconic style and superior heating efficiency. As they move forward, they continue to offer thoughtfully designed hearth systems and the latest innovations that answer your needs. From the green manufacturing process to EPPA certified models, Vermont Castings has you, your home and the environment in mind.

Majestic Hearth

For over 50 years, Majestic has stood for outstanding durability, stunning looks and long lasting performance in wood and gas fireplaces. And with a wide range of beautiful styles, sizes and trims, Majestic products are made to blend seamlessly with your décor while still making a statement of impeccable taste.

Mendota Hearth

Discover the Mendota difference.

A fireplace is a fireplace is a fireplace. Unless, of course, that fireplace happens to be a Mendota gas fireplace or gas fireplace insert. Every Mendota fire burns with the quiet confidence of a century-old tradition of craftsmanship and gas technology. Look closely, and you’ll find details such as true full-seam welding, heavy-gauge steel and careful hand assembly that deliver on the promise of a lifetime of comfort.



Amantii has more than three decades of experience to the electric fireplace and heating market. As a competitive and dynamic business and manufacturer of electric fireplaces, Amantii is able to offer an expanding product line of fireplaces to suit all of our customer’s needs. From contemporary, traditional and designer coloured fireplaces, to built-in or wall mount designs or outdoor units all of our new innovative electric fireplaces are manufactured in production facilities exclusive to Amantii, guaranteeing a unique brand and customer experience.



Redmond/Williams Distributing is a full service distributor of innovative, high end, quality HVAC and Hearth products with 75,000 sq ft distribution centre to handle all their customer’s logistic needs. The Redmond Team prides themselves in offering a total value package to their customers, focusing on building customer relationships, intensive professional sales and technological training, growth and profitability.

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