Summer storms can bring in a lot of water. If you don’t have the necessary drainage around your property or if you live in a flood zone, you’ll need a sump pump to keep your basement free of water. Sump pumps can do a lot to keep your home safe from flooding, but you need to have them tested regularly to ensure that all the parts are ready when the first big storm comes. These are some of the top ways that you can tell if your sump pump is ready for the big storms that come in the summer.

Run a Test of Your Sump Pump

To ensure that the pump is ready to run properly, do a test run which is a simple and effective way to check it out. You can do a visual inspection, but you can also test it with water or by unplugging it. When you test it with water, you’ll need to get a bucket and fill it with about five gallons of water. Then, pour the water into the basin of the water pump. This will trigger the float to rise, which should trigger the motor to turn on and pump the water out. If this happens, then your sump pump should be ready for the season. If nothing happens, then there’s a good chance that you’ll need some maintenance or a replacement.

Another way to check the functioning of your sump pump is to unplug the unit. Then, plug the motor back in. It should automatically start running. Then, plug the float switch back in so that it’s ready to operate the next time it rains. If the motor doesn’t start running once you plug the motor back into the outlet, there’s a good chance that you need either a repair or replacement. It’s also worthwhile to invest in a sump pump sensor to tell you whether your sump pump is working while you’re away. You can get notifications sent to your phone.

Watch Out for Tell-Tale Signs That Your Sump Pump Is Going Bad

There are many signs that you might notice that will tell you that something isn’t right with your sump pump. For instance, if you notice that it vibrates a lot when it’s running, there’s a good chance that your sump pump is about to stop working. One of the reasons that your sump pump might start vibrating is if debris has been caught in the impellers, which can become bent. If this happens, you’ll need to replace the sump pump.

Another sign that your sump pump isn’t working properly is if you hear strange noises coming from it. This could be caused by a damaged impeller, but there are several other parts that might not be working properly, such as a failed motor bearing.

The way that you use your sump pump and how it runs can also affect its lifespan and can tell you a bit about how long you can expect your sump pump to last. For instance, if your sump pump runs infrequently, it will probably not last as long. Additionally, if you notice that your sump pump is cycling frequently but for only short periods of time, this could be a sign that there’s something wrong even if it’s something as simple as a float that needs adjustment. But it could also be a wiring issue. If the sump pump is running all the time, it could be a sign that there’s something wrong with the switch. But if you notice rust, you could have corroded battery terminals.

Check the Power Outlet

We put so much thought into whether the sump pump is in working order, but it’s just as important to ensure that the electrical outlet is working correctly. Check the outlet before the storm season arrives so that you know that the outlet is working properly. You could plug in an appliance that you know works to check out the outlet. If the appliance comes on, then plug in the sump pump to ensure it works.

Do Some Cleaning and Maintenance

When you clean and do some basic maintenance on your sump pump, you’re more likely to find the potential issues that could prevent your sump pump from running properly when you get a big storm. There are several things that you can do on your own, but you can also contact Comfort Zone Heating & Air Conditioning to do them for you if you’re short on time or just want a professional to give your sump pump a look over to ensure that it’s ready to protect your basement from flooding. For instance, to do basic cleaning, you should unplug the sump pump and remove it from the basin. Then, scrub off any sediment, and remove any rocks or debris that might have made their way into the basin. Cleaning your sump pump and the basin will prevent damage in the future.

Consider the Age of the Pump

Sump pumps typically last about 10 years. So, if yours is getting a bit old, there’s a good chance that you’re going to need to replace it soon. Even if you haven’t noticed any problems, you might consider replacing it before it goes bad and fails to pump out water from your home in the middle of the night or when you’re away on a trip.

Ensure That the Exterior Drainpipe Is Free of Debris

When your sump pump pushes the water out of your basement, the water must go out of the drainpipe that runs out to the exterior of your home. Make sure that this pipe is free of debris and is properly placed so that the water runs away from the house.

Inspect the Sump Pump

Inspecting your pump is a great way to ensure that it will work properly all year round. You can have a professional do this work for you, but you can also do many of these tasks yourself. For instance, you or a professional should make sure that there’s a check valve that’s working properly so that the water that your pump just pushed out doesn’t flow back into the basin once your pump has turned off.

You should also ensure that there’s a backup power source so that your pump will continue to run even when the power turns off during a big storm. You or a professional should also ensure that the discharge location works. It should be at least 20 feet away from the house, but you also need to make sure that it’s not draining into a neighbor’s home, a public sewer system, or a septic system. Sump pumps should also have a removable cover to prevent the water in the basin from evaporating into the basement, which could make the house humid, cause strange smells, and even cause mildew to grow in the home if an air conditioner isn’t also removing the humidity.

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