Fall HVAC Maintenance Checklist for a Cozy Winter
October 10

Fall HVAC Maintenance Checklist for a Cozy Winter

With rising costs for just about everything, and the Christmas season looming, it might be tempting for those on a tight budget to think about… View Article Read More

reduce utility bills
August 30

The Importance of Having Your Furnace Cleaned Annually

If you use a gas or oil furnace to heat your home, it’s essential that you have the unit professionally serviced and inspected by a… View Article Read More

Homeowners Utilizing Greener Homes Grant in Cobourg, ON
August 21

The Greener Homes Grant for Cobourg Ontario Homeowners

The Greener Homes Grant is an exciting chance for the residents of Cobourg, Ontario to make their homes more environmentally friendly, energy-efficient, and technologically modern…. View Article Read More

HVAC services
July 20

Heat Pumps vs. Air Conditioners – What is best for you and your home?

When it comes to cooling and heating our homes, we often consider two popular options; heat pumps and air conditioners. While both units offer cooling… View Article Read More

air handler
July 6

What is An Air Handler?

An air handler is the key to a well-ventilated home. It works alongside your air conditioner and heat pump as a “fan coil unit” with… View Article Read More

Heat Pumps in Cobourg, ON
June 26

Ductless Mini-Split Heat Pumps: The Future of Efficient Cooling and Heating

Have you been wrestling with cumbersome, noisy air conditioning units that call for intricate ductwork? If this scenario strikes a chord, it might be time… View Article Read More

2022 Lennox Partner of the Year Award in Coubourg, ON
May 23

Comfort Zone Wins Lennox 2022 Partner of the Year

received the 2022 Lennox Partner of the Year Award for its district from Lennox Industries, an international heating and air conditioning equipment manufacturer. Comfort Zone… View Article Read More

Energy efficiency in Coubourg, ON
May 1

How To Get Your Energy Efficiency Ratings to 10/10

Reaching 10 out of 10 energy efficiency in your home starts with understanding the energy usage of the equipment you keep in your home. Below… View Article Read More

Heat Pump Installation in Cobourg, ON
March 20

Benefits of Getting a Heat Pump

So your current furnace or air conditioner just isn’t cutting it, and you’ve started looking for a new HVAC system. Perhaps you’ve stumbled across some… View Article Read More

Thermostat in Cobourg, ON
February 14

Unraveling the Mystery: Understanding Thermostat Recovery Mode

A thermostat is an essential part of any HVAC system and plays a vital role in controlling the temperature inside a building. It turns the… View Article Read More